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Posted: 18 Jan 2005 16:46 Post subject: T4C Trilogy Announces Expansion – Neutral Path to Seraph

T4C Trilogy Headquarters – Tuesday, January 18, 2005 – T4C Trilogy, a new server that is scheduled to open in the very near future, announced today that it has developed a neutral path to seraph. This has been a widely anticipated addition to the game The 4th Coming by Vircom©.
T4C Trilogy is a server owned by Dialsoft Inc., and run by several long time players and GMs. It is slated to run on T4C version 2.0, which is a source code modification created by Dialsoft. The server itself is set up to be a role-playing server.
The expansion adds the possibility for players to scorn the already existing good and evil paths to seraph, and choose a neutral path. This quest will lead players all over the three islands, and force them to make friends with all types of characters – druids, bounty hunters, and even on-the-run pirates. The expansion includes several new NPCs, quests, and items.
One player, when asked about the inclusion of a third path to seraph, commented that, “You know, it only makes sense to have a third path to seraph, especially for a role-playing server. Sometimes things are more complex than simple good and evil”.
The expansion was designed by Seth Robertson, known to the T4C world as Wray Vitki, who played The Fourth Coming since its earliest testing phases and who did previous work for Kingdom Connection servers and Xavus servers. When asked why he accepted the job to create such a large expansion for T4C Trilogy, Robertson noted that, “Well, it really is the people who are running Trilogy. I have known a lot of them for as long as I’ve played the game, and I really trust that they will run the best server that they can.”

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