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J'éditerai pour la traduction, ça m'a assez fatigué de l'écrire, trouver des jobs rp, etc... :p

Ancients : They are the Leader of . They are not inclued in the Chosen ones since they are the ones who choose
Lucifer : Evil, This ancients overseas all the world, living objects and non-living objects that was and that is, and deals with unfortunated adventurers.
Kitten : Good, She is the Ancients who makes sure than the world is well-known in all kind of realms and who leads all Chosens
Aedus : Neutral, He is the Forgottens leader (a Forgotten is not a Chosen either), the protector and balance of all that is and all that will be, and is the Ancient who protect the trilogy world and even more

Elders : They observe, act, prevent, and have almost all power -given by Ancients Ones- to be sure there is no abnormal thing in what is, so what was is protected, and what will be will be safe
Aerandir: Neutral
Gabriella : Good
Sapienta : Evil


Soothsayer: The are purely Observators, and their knowledge of what was and what is can reveal to them what will be, They inform common mortal sometimes, when they are in a good mood.
Beldor: Good
Cytheria: Neutral
Lothar: Neutral
Prophet: Evil

Avatars: (all neutral) They are in charge of the Laws in all Lands and overseas knights of the realm. All duties will be accessible on the Trilogy post office
Asenar: Head Avatar, he has to be sure than Avatars and Knights do the right job


Watchers: They observes the world, gives advices -as far as they can and allowed to by Ancients - and take care of adventurers.
Imp: Neutral
Kain : Evil
Zandra : Good

Messengers : Their assist Chosens ones (like every other Chosens), to prevent adventurers to not irritating them or others, and to help them as far as they can, including purify the world if needed
Kheimos: Good
Maccabeus: Evil
Oblivian: Evil
Pez: Good
Soul: Neutral
Tomoyo: Neutral

Forgottens: That's the devs team, their leader is Aedus.
Magus: Good
Raven: Neutral
Reaver: Evil
Wray: Neutral
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