Vendredi 24 Mai 2019
Pourquoi philosopher alors qu'on peut chanter ? - Georges Brassens
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Those whom open their eyes upon this realm for the first time will not be able to stomach the scenes without a certain degree of mental fortitude. The splatter of blood paves the terrain in an innumerable fashion. Riches are not the driving force of this land's population, rather the ever-growing desire for carnage. One's survival skills will be tested over and over as challenges present themselves through every face passed in the streets. This cutthroat populous views every on-comer as a threat, or a new found opportunity to quench the thirst for bloodshed. We express caution to the weak-willed, and blood-filled. Equip thyself for an onslaught, and for the soles of thine boots to be coated in red as you cross hemorrhaging corpses and blood-filled paths.
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